Busy Business

Busy Business provides the most effective and efficient solutions for small enterprises and large businesses, with a range of options depending on your business needs.

Our solutions include:

  1. Device Starter Pack
  2. Internet Bundles for businesses
  3. Unlimited Internet Offers
  4. Bespoke Value Added Services


Device Starter Packs

Take your business to the next level by purchasing a 4G device from Busy to enjoy an amazing internet experience and a suite of value added services:

  • Buy a 4G MiFi Starter Pack with 10GB of data for GHs149. You will also enjoy 50% bonus on bundle top-up worth 5GB or more (Bonus offer is valid for 15 days).
  • Buy a 4G Router Starter Pack with 5GB @ GHc199. You will also enjoy 50% bonus on bundle top-up of 10GB or more.
  • Purchase multiple devices on our Bulk device 15% discount offer;
    • Small & Medium Sized Enterprises can buy devices in bulk on this offer at 15% discount on the consolidated price. Offer gives you a Router + 1,2 or 4 MiFi devices with 5GB for each device (at approx. 15% discount)


  • Discounted prices for packages:
    • 1 Router + 1 Mi-Fi device (399GHs)
    • 1 Router + 2 Mi-Fi devices (529GHs)
    • 1 Router + 4 Mi-Fi devices (779GHs)
  • Device amortization offer is also available to allow customers to pay for a device and a monthly data allocation over 12 or 24 months’ contract
  • Recurring data bundles 2GB – 100GB are available


Internet Bundles for Business 

Small & Medium Sized Enterprises and Large businesses can purchase internet bundles, offered as prepaid or hybrid-postpaid. This is perfect for businesses and employees looking to manage their internet bills. Hybrid-postpaid packages allow users to receive a monthly data allocation and also buy additional bundles when their recurring monthly bundle runs out.

  • Data bundles 2GB – 100GB are available


Dedicated Internet Offers

Customers who sign on to Busy’s dedicated Internet Offer can:

  • Enjoy recurring monthly Unlimited Internet connectivity for a monthly postpaid fee for a minimum contract period of 12 months
  •  Sign on to services on different technologies;
    • Fiber optic cable
    • Broadband wireless radio
    • Microwave radio connectivity or LTE

Your business must be cleared by credit control to sign on to these postpaid services

To find out more and sign-up to our offers, contact our Relationship Managers on: 0800 300 900 (24/7 toll-free)

Alternatively you can visit a Busy store to speak to a Relationship Manager

    [email protected]

MiFi Starter Pack


Connects up to 14 devices at a time – Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, Game Consoles, Smart TVs
Suitable for use on–the–go
Personal use
Small office


Router Starter Pack


• Connects up to 32 Wi-Fi enabled and 2 wired/LAN devices at the same time
• For Small Business use
• Plug and play – no installation required
• 4G LTE broadband ultra-fast speed