Busy selects 12 finalists in The JUMPonGLITZ Fashion Competition

Posted on | September 18th, 2017

JUMP by Busy in partnership with Glitz Africa is excited to announce the amazing progress of the top 12 finalists of the JUMPonGLITZ competition. The competition, which was launched in search of young emerging fashion designers will give the winners the opportunity to showcase their creative works on the runway at the 2017 Glitz Africa Fashion Week.













The 12 designers will be put through a master class to train them on the fashion business, textiles and materials, collection planning and fashion media.  Jump on as we take you on a journey of exploring the motivation, struggles and ambitions of our 12 finalists and get a unique perspective to why they want to be fashion designers.

Melissa Arthur is a 23-year-old upcoming fashion designer. She has always been drawn to the arts and at a point in her life had to choose between delving deep into fashion or graphic design.

She has taken the bold step to go into the amazing world of fashion not only because of how mesmerized she gets when well-designed clothes transform the looks of its wearer but also to see her ideas come to life, to be worn and appreciated by people.

Damaris Danso is a 21year old graduate of Radford University College. She dreams of becoming a Creative Director and Head Designer of a Ghanaian luxury fashion brand. She believes this competition will help put her a step closer to her dream.

Nana Kwaku Agyenim- Boateng is a story teller who fell in love with fashion at the age of 16 but couldn’t pursue it then because his parents wanted him to study something else. Nana Kwaku’s passion and love for fashion allows him to express his stories through fashion. After his tertiary education, he got enrolled at the Joyce Ababio School of Fashion and Creative Design.

Diane Uloaku Opara is a 21year old aspiring fashion designer who is fascinated by her ability to put pieces together to create outfits that impact lives and influences the confidence of her clients. For Diane fashion designing is something that brings a lot of people, culture and tribes together.

Eric Attaborah Faakye is an Accounting MBA student at the University of Cape-Coast. His love for fashion fueled his decision to enroll in fashion school and after successful completion established his brand Kophi Faakye. Kophi Faakye is a unisex clothing line that produces contemporary African designs with modern afro-fusion concepts inspired by details, nature and passion to meet global fashion standards.

Belinda Ofori is a 25year old crazy fan of anything fashionable especially women’s apparel. She loves to create new things out of the ordinary; things that alter the fashion status quo. Her inspiration to pursue fashion was her ability to sketch her ideas on paper. She says “If it’s possible on paper why not in reality?” She looks to project the classy and subtle personalities of her clients through what they wear which is working for her brand ‘Turquoise’ to do exactly that.

Mohammed Sulemana is a 25year old aspiring designer who comes from a family of tailors. For him fashion design and tailoring comes to him naturally; he believes it’s a talent he inherited. He draws inspiration from what he sees around him. His dream is to build a global fashion brand.

Nura Bint-Abdallah is a 24year old fashion design and textiles graduate of Accra Technical University. She likes to make designs for Muslim girls and women who want to look modest and fashionable and to also let people see the beauty of hijab/turban as well as erase the perception that hijab/turbans are oppressed on women.

Gyamfi Richmond is a talented fashion designer who believes he has made it this far in his journey by building on his innate fashion designing skills. He believes he was born with the skill to make clothes. He studied business but fell in love with using thread and needle to stitch clothes and enjoys the experience of giving life to fabrics.

Edna Asherlina Darkwaa is a driven aspiring fashion designer with the desire to build a renowned fashion brand.  She has over the years trained herself in sewing, pattern making and garment construction.

Nina Yawa Lavoe has always dreamt of being a fashion designer and an illustrator. She has always excelled at drawing and has always designed her own clothes for as long she can remember. She is a graduate of the Blue Crest School of fashion and is looking to follow her dream to become a renowned fashion designer.

Carlora Akosua Bru-Minda is a 30year old textiles technology graduate from the Takoradi Polytechnic and Fashion education graduate from the University of Winneba. She was drawn to fashion in primary school where she was very fascinated by how fabrics were cut and put together to make clothes. She started sewing at an early age by sewing for her dolls. She intends to build a clothing brand and is in the process of making it happen. Her passion to be in the business and make wonderful clothes for her clients, motivates her every day.

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