Internship for JUMPonGLITZ Final Five

Posted on | September 20th, 2017

The next phase of the competition provided internship opportunities for our five short-listed finalists. Three were engaged at Nallem Clothing (a brand that has been consistent at making urban clothing), while the other two finalists interned at Poqua Poqu clothing (a luxury brand that makes stylish clothes with African prints). They’ll each have 4 sessions with each session running for a day.

Finalists are being exposed to the design and production process. The most important value they’ll be learning is to ensure that their customers enjoy the highest level of quality from their brand.


Duaba Serwa is a Fashion Brand known both in Ghana and abroad. This vibrant brand is owned by Nelly Hagan-Aboagye who left her training as a surgical nurse to pursue her dream in Fashion. She shared many secrets that have helped her brand to stand the test of time during the Masterclass session to mentor our top twelve finalists. The finalists shared their excitement after her presentation. Her presentation inspired them to produce unique and timeless pieces as well as work together.


Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) is a Multiple award-winning broadcaster as well as a culture and tourism media& brand communications professional. Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) did not fail to amaze our finalists with his depth of knowledge on Fashion Media and how to effectively promote a brand. He challenged them to know as much as they can about Fashion and work towards building global brands. He inspired professionalism and versatility in our finalists

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