Busy Router Offer

Busy  Router Offer


Get the Busy Router Offer today and choose from a range of bundles:

  • 20GB @ Ghc 90 for a month
  • 40GB @ Ghc 135 for a month
  • 80GB @ Ghc 200 for a month
  • 100GB @ Ghc 260 for a month
  • Unlimited @ Ghc 420 for a month

Hurry, Limited Offer!


The Busy Indoor router  gives you the choice of connection 32 Wi-Fi devices and 2 wired devices.  So feel free to use your smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, game Consoles and Smart TV with this handy router. Come equipped with a LTE broadband ultra-high speed connection. The no hassle user management system makes it perfect for homes and small businesses.