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Order your devices online and get them delivered right to your door step. Our home delivery services extend across the Accra and Tema areas and can include both cell phone and router orders. Choose from the range of devices below and submit your order.

Busy Router Offer


Busy  Router Offer Order Online

The Busy Indoor router  gives you the choice of connection 32 Wi-Fi devices and 2 wired devices.  So feel free to use your smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, game Consoles and Smart TV with this handy router. Come equipped with a LTE broadband ultra-high speed connection. The no hassle user management system makes it perfect for homes and small businesses.

  • Connects up to 32 WiFi enabled and 2 wired/ LAN devices at the same time
  • Plug and play – no installation required
  • LTE broadband ultra-high speed connection
  • No hassle with user management interface